Sunday, December 11, 2011

Back in Anchorage....pot luck dinner

We traveled back to Anchorage today. We got back and I actually got to relax! I'm editing a video of all the footage I've taken throughout my internship. It's going to be great. I'm writing this at 11:47p.m. I know I only have 3 more programs to do before we're all done here and then Monday heading back to Wisconsin. This is the best opportunity I've ever had in my life. To go on the road with Bob Lenz and the Life Promotion group has been an amazing journey. I feel on fire. To actually be able to call these people my friends is quite an honor.

We had a pot luck lunch today with all the people that have supported and organized this trip for Life Promotions. We had dinner with some great new friends. After, we all sat in the living room and shared some stories from the week. We shared our thoughts, feelings, and our favorite moments of the trip. Bob, Clara, and Kate all shared heart felt stories. I don't know what it is but Bob can always move me and he has so much passion I was crying. I shared the lesson I learned about how it's not always about having big numbers for the rallies. That God put all those kids there for a reason.

After we all shared, Holly lead us in a worship song while Jeremy played on the piano....we all sang...after we all just sat there was so intense...the Holy Spirit was definetly in the room...we then started to pray for all the much emotion...I'm not ashamed to say that I cried...I really feels for these kids up here

what an amazing journey this has been


Fairbanks schools...learning a great lesson....

I haven't posted the last few days. With the pace the Life Promotions crew has been running it's been really hard to get some free time to post. Fairbanks was great. It was on 20 degrees. Crazy to see the soon barely over the horizon at noon.

Thursday we were supppose to have over 1,000 kids at the first school. Only 100 showed up. Really bummed out over that. We then went and did another school program for about 450 middle schoolers. The rally at the end of the night only drew 25 people. 3 accepted Christ. I learned a great lesson today. It's not about ourselfs. It's not about the numbers. Yes, having more people come to Christ would have been great but, God put those people there that night for a reason. What's going on is bigger than all of us. Let his will be done. Bob also received an email about a kid who came to the rally who talked about how BEFORE he felt there was nothing to live for. He wrote that he felt he was "taking up space...I now feel valuable and that I have something to live for....thank you...that's all I can really say..."

Friday we had 2 school programs and a rally. Bob talked to over 1,400 kids that day. We had 85 people come back and 23 accepted Christ. Holly Starr killed it both of the days and we had a fantastic time in Fairbanks.

There is a huge war going on up here in Alaska. Spiritual warfare...these kids need help and they need support...please pray for them....there are too many heart breaking stories to write...assembly after assembly...rally after rally...please pray for the kids in Alaska that are having a hard time just living

Thursday, December 8, 2011

220 people attend the rally! I get to see a moose and a bald eagle....alaska is awesome

Today we had 2 school programs and we had our big evening rally. Faith based!!! This was a culmunation of the last few days. We visited 4 different schools promoting this rally and we had a great turn out. 220 people! even better than that 76 people accepted Jesus. How amaing....

Today was AJs last performance with us. He has performed so great and everyone has loved his program. Look him up on facebook or Google...AJ the Animated Illusionist....he's one giftest individual....BUT! with the departure of AJ we welcome musican Holly Starr with us. She has a great voice and her band is awesome.

It's midnight here and we just got back a little bit ago from the rally. We're out the door at 3:45am for our flight to Fairbanks. We can sleep when we're dead. Two school programs and a rally for the next two days.

busy busy busy busy

Keep praying for us and thank you everyone that has supported Life Promotions.

until next time,


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

school program, program at juvy, dinner with the chaplin...all in the same day

Today started off rough. Another 6:00 a.m. pick up. I think today was the day when we all started to get tired. There was a lot of emotion in the car this morning. A lot of it. It's so good sometimes when you just spill everything on your mind. We talked all the way to the program and prayed that we keep our eyes on the kingdom. That we're doing this all for the glory of God. Lindy has the flu and was sick all day and night. Pray for her to have a quick recovery.

What an amazing group of people. Bob, John, AJ, Lindy, Clara, Kate, and everyone else out here. Just all amazing. So privliged to work with some of my great friends.

We started our day at Anchorage High School. Fantastic group of kids and they loved the program. After a young woman shared her story with Bob. At the age of 6 she had to steal money to buy groceries for herself because her abusive, alcohlic father didn't feed her. She has been through 38 foster homes. 38. She still keeps positive. She said her friends and school get her through. What an incredible young woman. Please pray for her.

We then went to a juvenile detention facility. I was really neverous that they were not going to accept us well. Boy was I complete wrong. BEST SHOW YET. They loved AJ and Bob had extra time to talk. He came out with so much fire and passion that he had every single persons attention. There was hardly a dry eye in the place. 95% of the students there had been abused. 95%. These numbers are devastaing. Afterwards these kids told Bob about their horrific struggles and addictions. So heartbreaking but so many found hope in the message.

After this Bob spoke for a campus life group. They don't have many recurring students in. It is for middle schoolers and the room was in a library. There was 22 kids in the room. They were very loud and crazy at first but settled down very quickly when Bob started his message. So with 22 kids in the room, 17 accepted Jesus Christ. How amazing is that. It started SO rocky and ended so amazing.

Ended the night having dinner with the Chaplin. Great people, great food, great times.

I'm having such an amazing time. Pray for us tomorrow because were having a HUGE rally. We have invited 4 different schools to this one so it should be big.

Until next time,


Monday, December 5, 2011

More amazing stories and 30 people accept Jesus

I didn't post yesterday because we had a very long day and I had to get up at 5:30 for another long day. All for the kingdom! Yesterday Bob gave messages for two churches services. He gave his 18 mesage and a call back to evangalism for the church. Any how after the church services we kicked back and watch our Packers win.

We had an evening program planned with the church we partnered with during the day. It was for high school students. About 200 youth were there to see Bob, AJ, and the band Thera. What a great time and a great message. They were selling shirts to raise money for local homeless people. The shirt said "I DON'T GIVE A SHIRT." lol....Before it all started 4 youth stood up from sharing their testimonies on being homeless and their faith as well. They sad and touching.

The band was great. Go and facebook them (thera). AJ had a great performance and got everyone warmed up. Bob came out and really drove it home. He gave his "It's a Trap!" message. Which is an incredibly speech even though it reminds me of Star Wars. 30 people accepted Jesus last night. Incredible.

I want to share one story in particular. We hand out response cards and there is a comment spot on each one. This is what she wrote, "I've been treated for severe depression and severe drug addiction and alcoholism. While being treated I lost faith. After hearing your message tonight, I know I am forgiven. Thank you." She accepted Jesus back into her heart. Typing this story tonight I'm starting to cry. Knowing what Bob and the rest of us do with Life Promotions is changing lives, makes worth getting up, staying out late, being away from our families COMPLETELY worth it.

Today we traveled to a high school that is for people that didn't finish high school on time and are trying to each their diploma before they are 20 so they can get the diploma instead of a GED. After the program Lindy and myself got a few testimonials on camera which we will be sharing later. What these people went through in their lives is just awful. Almost every person we talked to was abused in their household. It was so sad but to hear their story followed with, "but hearing Bob talked today gave me hope for a better tomorrow and showed me that I am valueable." So heartbreaking but to end with that is heart-warming. Please pray for all the kids at the school.

We then traveled back to Anchorage for another school program. Had about 250 middle schoolers. The best program I have ever seen. The kids were SO energetic and AJ had everyone laughing! He did such a good job. Bob came out and really connected with the kids. When we were handing out the come back tickets for the faith bases program on Wednesday we had so many kids wanted more to give to their friends in family. They were so excited!

Then our staff had a meeting with some people from the military about potentially doing some work with the soldiers and their families for future dates. More to come on that but lets just say it went really, really well. Remeber there are soldiers fighting for our freedom at all times. Always pray for our soldiers.

Well we have another earlier morning and were out the door at 6:00 for another school program. Pray for us and that some lives will be changed.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our day in Wrangell, AK

We spent last night in the beautiful Wrangell, AK. Just google Wrangell and look and see how beautiful it is. It's an island. If you think your from a small town where everyone knows everyone, you haven't seen anything yet. This town is so small that they sell birthday calendars with everyone in towns birthday on it. Completely crazy.

We spent our night at the Grand View Bed and Breakfast. Right on the ocean and it was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. Completely amazing. What was more amazing than the scenery was the people. Every single person involved with bringing us in treated us like family.

The people of Wrangell really needed to hear Bob and AJ's message of hope. Even with all the beauty there are a lot of problems with depression and suicide with both the youth and the adults alike. We were informed that last year a girl named Amy took her own life. The anniversary of her death was the day after we were there. So needless to say it was on a lot of peoples mind. It's such a tragic story. Amy was captain of the volleyball team, great student, beautiful, and had a great family. Deep down she was struggling. So tragic.

We were brought in because a gentleman saw Bob at Creation West. He heard Bob's message there and knew he had to bring him in. I'll leave him nameless because I don't know if he would be comfortable of me telling his story. This gentleman took a rough road to Christ. Spent his early years drinking, doing drugs, dealing drugs. His marriage fell apart and his kids had a very hard time with it and struggle with their own depression. He reformed himself and found Jesus. Like I said the town was small so everyone knows his earlier life. He told me that they are not forgiving so he also struggles with depression. Please pray for him and his family.

School programs went great. AJ warmed the crowd up and laughed. Bob killed it as always. We invited them all back for the rally at night. Little did we know it was Midnight Madness in Wrangell! Which started at 6:00 and ended at 7:30! Everyone was "downtown" and they lit the Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols, and having a blast. We started it off with a moment of prayer which was refreshing. They also told everyone to come down to the high school for our evening rally! I had a completely amazing time and I felt like I was in a Christmas movie.

We had 180 kids during our school programs. Now, we usually have about 25% of the kids come back for the evening program. We had over 250 people show up!! 139%! AMAZING.....what kind of stunk about it was that the school payed for all of the program and they wanted a secular message. It kills Bob and AJ not to talk about Jesus but they still have an important message to send, you are valuable and that life is a precious gift.

After the evening rally a young girl told Bob that just 8 days before our program she wrote her suicide letter. She found hope in the message and is seeking out help. Please please please please pray for this young girl.

Thank you to everyone from Wrangell that made us feel like family. It truly was one of the best days of my life. Life Promotions does such great work and I'm completely honored to be a part of it.

Bob and AJ are speaking and performing for 2 church services and we are having an evening rally!

Keep praying that lives with be changed!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

traveling, traveling, and more traveling

So it's Thursday and I'm sitting at a beautiful bed and breakfast watching the football game. I didn't blog yesterday so i'll do a recap of yesterday and today.

When we got into the Anchorage Airport someone mistakenly took our bag. So we had to wait for the guy that took ours to come back. So we're all sitting around waiting for the guy to come back. While we were waiting a gentleman comes in and is looking to charge his phone. He looks like he is in rough shape. Bob being the happy-go-lucky guy he is starts talking to him. His name is Eddie and he is a recovering alcoholic who just fell off the wagon the past day. Things were getting hard for him. He is a believer. Bob talked with him a little bit and ended with a quick prayer with him. God was at work already.

So yesterday we were at Alaskan Christian College. Very small college. Like 40 something small. AJ knocked it out of the park and Bob gave his "it's a trap" talk. Everyone was loving it and about 5 people accepted Jesus. One of those people being a 63 year old woman. It was so amazing.

Today was a day full of traveling. We got on the plane and we made 2 stops before we reached our destination. 4 hours in a plane. What's the deal with airline food?

Now I'm staying at a bed and breakfast tonight. I thought the woman who owned the place was going to fall over with excitement when she saw my Packers jacket. HUGE Packer fan. I'm talking huge. A little piece of home in Alaska. We're right on the water and it's so beautiful. Like looking at a postcard.

2 school programs and a rally....please keep the Life Promotions crew in your thoughts and prayers.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Setting Sail

I'm about to leave to go meet Johnny and Bob. The trip will take a few hours but I will be in Alaska by the end of the day. I'm so excited to see what God has in store for Life Promotions and myself.

Today at staff Bob really gave a heart-felt talk to us. It's just amazing how after almost 30 years of ministry he still has a tremendous passion for evangelism.

My journey into the unknown is almost underway and I would be here if it wasn't for the support of my family, friends, and Life Promotions.

I will be updating daily so please keep following me and keep the crew and myself in your thoughts and prayers.

much love,