Thursday, December 8, 2011

220 people attend the rally! I get to see a moose and a bald eagle....alaska is awesome

Today we had 2 school programs and we had our big evening rally. Faith based!!! This was a culmunation of the last few days. We visited 4 different schools promoting this rally and we had a great turn out. 220 people! even better than that 76 people accepted Jesus. How amaing....

Today was AJs last performance with us. He has performed so great and everyone has loved his program. Look him up on facebook or Google...AJ the Animated Illusionist....he's one giftest individual....BUT! with the departure of AJ we welcome musican Holly Starr with us. She has a great voice and her band is awesome.

It's midnight here and we just got back a little bit ago from the rally. We're out the door at 3:45am for our flight to Fairbanks. We can sleep when we're dead. Two school programs and a rally for the next two days.

busy busy busy busy

Keep praying for us and thank you everyone that has supported Life Promotions.

until next time,


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