Thursday, December 1, 2011

traveling, traveling, and more traveling

So it's Thursday and I'm sitting at a beautiful bed and breakfast watching the football game. I didn't blog yesterday so i'll do a recap of yesterday and today.

When we got into the Anchorage Airport someone mistakenly took our bag. So we had to wait for the guy that took ours to come back. So we're all sitting around waiting for the guy to come back. While we were waiting a gentleman comes in and is looking to charge his phone. He looks like he is in rough shape. Bob being the happy-go-lucky guy he is starts talking to him. His name is Eddie and he is a recovering alcoholic who just fell off the wagon the past day. Things were getting hard for him. He is a believer. Bob talked with him a little bit and ended with a quick prayer with him. God was at work already.

So yesterday we were at Alaskan Christian College. Very small college. Like 40 something small. AJ knocked it out of the park and Bob gave his "it's a trap" talk. Everyone was loving it and about 5 people accepted Jesus. One of those people being a 63 year old woman. It was so amazing.

Today was a day full of traveling. We got on the plane and we made 2 stops before we reached our destination. 4 hours in a plane. What's the deal with airline food?

Now I'm staying at a bed and breakfast tonight. I thought the woman who owned the place was going to fall over with excitement when she saw my Packers jacket. HUGE Packer fan. I'm talking huge. A little piece of home in Alaska. We're right on the water and it's so beautiful. Like looking at a postcard.

2 school programs and a rally....please keep the Life Promotions crew in your thoughts and prayers.


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