Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fairbanks schools...learning a great lesson....

I haven't posted the last few days. With the pace the Life Promotions crew has been running it's been really hard to get some free time to post. Fairbanks was great. It was on 20 degrees. Crazy to see the soon barely over the horizon at noon.

Thursday we were supppose to have over 1,000 kids at the first school. Only 100 showed up. Really bummed out over that. We then went and did another school program for about 450 middle schoolers. The rally at the end of the night only drew 25 people. 3 accepted Christ. I learned a great lesson today. It's not about ourselfs. It's not about the numbers. Yes, having more people come to Christ would have been great but, God put those people there that night for a reason. What's going on is bigger than all of us. Let his will be done. Bob also received an email about a kid who came to the rally who talked about how BEFORE he felt there was nothing to live for. He wrote that he felt he was "taking up space...I now feel valuable and that I have something to live for....thank you...that's all I can really say..."

Friday we had 2 school programs and a rally. Bob talked to over 1,400 kids that day. We had 85 people come back and 23 accepted Christ. Holly Starr killed it both of the days and we had a fantastic time in Fairbanks.

There is a huge war going on up here in Alaska. Spiritual warfare...these kids need help and they need support...please pray for them....there are too many heart breaking stories to write...assembly after assembly...rally after rally...please pray for the kids in Alaska that are having a hard time just living

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