Sunday, December 11, 2011

Back in Anchorage....pot luck dinner

We traveled back to Anchorage today. We got back and I actually got to relax! I'm editing a video of all the footage I've taken throughout my internship. It's going to be great. I'm writing this at 11:47p.m. I know I only have 3 more programs to do before we're all done here and then Monday heading back to Wisconsin. This is the best opportunity I've ever had in my life. To go on the road with Bob Lenz and the Life Promotion group has been an amazing journey. I feel on fire. To actually be able to call these people my friends is quite an honor.

We had a pot luck lunch today with all the people that have supported and organized this trip for Life Promotions. We had dinner with some great new friends. After, we all sat in the living room and shared some stories from the week. We shared our thoughts, feelings, and our favorite moments of the trip. Bob, Clara, and Kate all shared heart felt stories. I don't know what it is but Bob can always move me and he has so much passion I was crying. I shared the lesson I learned about how it's not always about having big numbers for the rallies. That God put all those kids there for a reason.

After we all shared, Holly lead us in a worship song while Jeremy played on the piano....we all sang...after we all just sat there was so intense...the Holy Spirit was definetly in the room...we then started to pray for all the much emotion...I'm not ashamed to say that I cried...I really feels for these kids up here

what an amazing journey this has been


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