Monday, December 5, 2011

More amazing stories and 30 people accept Jesus

I didn't post yesterday because we had a very long day and I had to get up at 5:30 for another long day. All for the kingdom! Yesterday Bob gave messages for two churches services. He gave his 18 mesage and a call back to evangalism for the church. Any how after the church services we kicked back and watch our Packers win.

We had an evening program planned with the church we partnered with during the day. It was for high school students. About 200 youth were there to see Bob, AJ, and the band Thera. What a great time and a great message. They were selling shirts to raise money for local homeless people. The shirt said "I DON'T GIVE A SHIRT." lol....Before it all started 4 youth stood up from sharing their testimonies on being homeless and their faith as well. They sad and touching.

The band was great. Go and facebook them (thera). AJ had a great performance and got everyone warmed up. Bob came out and really drove it home. He gave his "It's a Trap!" message. Which is an incredibly speech even though it reminds me of Star Wars. 30 people accepted Jesus last night. Incredible.

I want to share one story in particular. We hand out response cards and there is a comment spot on each one. This is what she wrote, "I've been treated for severe depression and severe drug addiction and alcoholism. While being treated I lost faith. After hearing your message tonight, I know I am forgiven. Thank you." She accepted Jesus back into her heart. Typing this story tonight I'm starting to cry. Knowing what Bob and the rest of us do with Life Promotions is changing lives, makes worth getting up, staying out late, being away from our families COMPLETELY worth it.

Today we traveled to a high school that is for people that didn't finish high school on time and are trying to each their diploma before they are 20 so they can get the diploma instead of a GED. After the program Lindy and myself got a few testimonials on camera which we will be sharing later. What these people went through in their lives is just awful. Almost every person we talked to was abused in their household. It was so sad but to hear their story followed with, "but hearing Bob talked today gave me hope for a better tomorrow and showed me that I am valueable." So heartbreaking but to end with that is heart-warming. Please pray for all the kids at the school.

We then traveled back to Anchorage for another school program. Had about 250 middle schoolers. The best program I have ever seen. The kids were SO energetic and AJ had everyone laughing! He did such a good job. Bob came out and really connected with the kids. When we were handing out the come back tickets for the faith bases program on Wednesday we had so many kids wanted more to give to their friends in family. They were so excited!

Then our staff had a meeting with some people from the military about potentially doing some work with the soldiers and their families for future dates. More to come on that but lets just say it went really, really well. Remeber there are soldiers fighting for our freedom at all times. Always pray for our soldiers.

Well we have another earlier morning and were out the door at 6:00 for another school program. Pray for us and that some lives will be changed.


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