Tuesday, December 6, 2011

school program, program at juvy, dinner with the chaplin...all in the same day

Today started off rough. Another 6:00 a.m. pick up. I think today was the day when we all started to get tired. There was a lot of emotion in the car this morning. A lot of it. It's so good sometimes when you just spill everything on your mind. We talked all the way to the program and prayed that we keep our eyes on the kingdom. That we're doing this all for the glory of God. Lindy has the flu and was sick all day and night. Pray for her to have a quick recovery.

What an amazing group of people. Bob, John, AJ, Lindy, Clara, Kate, and everyone else out here. Just all amazing. So privliged to work with some of my great friends.

We started our day at Anchorage High School. Fantastic group of kids and they loved the program. After a young woman shared her story with Bob. At the age of 6 she had to steal money to buy groceries for herself because her abusive, alcohlic father didn't feed her. She has been through 38 foster homes. 38. She still keeps positive. She said her friends and school get her through. What an incredible young woman. Please pray for her.

We then went to a juvenile detention facility. I was really neverous that they were not going to accept us well. Boy was I complete wrong. BEST SHOW YET. They loved AJ and Bob had extra time to talk. He came out with so much fire and passion that he had every single persons attention. There was hardly a dry eye in the place. 95% of the students there had been abused. 95%. These numbers are devastaing. Afterwards these kids told Bob about their horrific struggles and addictions. So heartbreaking but so many found hope in the message.

After this Bob spoke for a campus life group. They don't have many recurring students in. It is for middle schoolers and the room was in a library. There was 22 kids in the room. They were very loud and crazy at first but settled down very quickly when Bob started his message. So with 22 kids in the room, 17 accepted Jesus Christ. How amazing is that. It started SO rocky and ended so amazing.

Ended the night having dinner with the Chaplin. Great people, great food, great times.

I'm having such an amazing time. Pray for us tomorrow because were having a HUGE rally. We have invited 4 different schools to this one so it should be big.

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